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Plan, Pray, Prosper Accountability Program

Are you lacking the support you need to become accountable, stay motivated and accomplish your goals?

The Women on the Rise Members Only Accountability Program is a 6 month membership program.  We are a community that focuses on accountability to help maintain focus on your goals while remaining spiritually grounded.  This accountability group is intended for multiple people striving for a common purpose – from reconnecting with God as an entrepreneur and getting organized for your business, to as large as, writing a book or changing your health patterns.

This program gets you focused and moves you into action by providing a powerful private virtual support group with coaching by Marsha and her expert partners. The combination of group and private sessions results in more progress faster than on your own.  One tool we use is the Women on the Rise Plan, Pray, Prosper Weekly Planner and Kit.​

After you join this member only program, you will get access to:

  • Weekly prayer calls to begin planning your week

  • Accountability partners check-ins and reminders to keep you motivated

  • Challenges to help you take real action towards your goals

  • Monthly live goal setting chat video sessions to guide you

  • Access to the private Facebook accountability group – an epic community of women like you!

The Accountability Program is ideal for someone who values a group experience and would like a lower-cost alternative to one-on-one coaching.

In this group of like-minded women, you will:

  • Create a vision and mission for yourself;

  • Create action plans and be held accountable for your goals;

  • Explore the roadblocks that get in your way;

  • Increase your confidence;

  • Connect with other high-achieving women on a similar path;  and

  • Receive individualized, honest feedback, advice and brainstorming.

Join this member only accountability program, change your mindset and begin manifesting your dreams!

The Accountability Program is a member only group, limited to a few members at a time.  If you are ready to get into action and want to experience the benefits of the Women on the Rise Plan, Pray, Prosper Accountability Program, complete the sign-up below or send us an email at for more details.

Monthly Investment $29


One-Time Payment of $275