About the Creator

My name is Marsha Guerrier and I’m the Founder of Women on the Rise NY and the creator of Plan, Pray, Prosper™. As a Business Coach remaining organized and maintaining goals has always been my expertise. I’ve worked with clients to help them create and achieve goals. But something was missing from my day to day tasks and goals planning. As a single mom, full time employee and entrepreneur I found it difficult for me to consistently spend time with God every day. With all the demands of my life I felt my relationship with God was gone and I knew I needed to get it back. Knowing that I was constantly looking and reading my planner, one day a light bulb went on. That’s why I designed the Plan, Pray, Prosper Planner and then ultimately the Kit. The planner kit allowed me to become spiritually grounded and maintain focus on my goals.

What I love most about the Plan, Pray, Prosper line of products is that I am impacting other goal oriented women remain spiritually grounded with my planner and the planner kit.

I’m a bestselling visionary author, public speaker, trainer, life balance and business coach, and CEO of Women on the Rise NY, Inc. a small business consulting firm.  In addition to being an entrepreneur I have a full-time career in the financial technology industry spanning over 20 years working for Fortune 500 and startup firms. I’m also the founder the Yva Jourdan Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and women entrepreneurs and have served as the Executive Director for over 9 years. I am fortunate to be a two time recipient of the State Assembly of New York’s Women of Distinction Award for both her work with the Yva Jourdan Foundation and Women on the Rise NY, Inc.

I believe that coaching is both a life tool and a business tool. As a strategic, visionary thinker, I have a passion for inspiring people, at all levels, to optimize their full potential while maintaining a focus on goal setting, reflection and life balance. My book Life Balance for the Women on the Rise gives women the necessary tools to enable them to make significant improvements in five key areas of life. My clients include Authors, Coaches, Product Makers, Small Business, Non-Profits, and Ministries. I consult with women as they learn to organize, prioritize and develop strategies for their personal and professional life. Through Women on the Rise NY, Inc. she provides 1 on 1 and group coaching, a business mastermind group, and an annual Forum & Expo.

About the Planner Kit

The purpose of the Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Planner Kit is to enable women to plan every aspect of their lives with prayer and allow them to be as intentional about prayer as they are about planning their lives.

The Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Planner Kit will help you:

1) Reflect on past achievements and identify missed opportunities.

2) Set goals for your personal, family and professional life with intention through prayer and connect deeper with God.

3) Create the blueprint for the life balance you crave.

4) Get organized and remain focused on your goals.

The Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Planner Kit is a box filled with tools to enable women to become spiritually grounded and maintain focus on my goals. Inside each kit you will find a Weekly Planner, Wall Calendar and Pocket Cards of our monthly prayer focus, weekly scripture and affirmations to carry on the go, 2 heart shaped paper clips and planner stickers. You will also find is an instruction card describing how the tools work together and a simple mediation exercise that anyone can do.


The Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Planner Kit includes three major components: the weekly planner, monthly wall calendar, and pocket cards.

The 8.5 x 5.5 Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Weekly Planner is a unique planner designed to help you plan your personal and professional life with intention and through scripture. The planner begins with a SWOT Analysis to help you identify the internal and external factors that will enable you to achieve your goals, which is a unique feature you do not find in many planners. The monthly prayer focus page has an undated calendar to allow you to create each month’s roadmap, so you can see the big picture as you plan the weeks ahead. Weekly pages allow you to journal your prayer request and goals with a scheduler so that you can look back to see if the things that you are spending time doing in line alignment with your goals.


  • 200 pages weekly planner
  • 12 month wall calendar
  • 52 week scripture cards
  • 31 day affirmation cards
  • 12 month prayer focus cards
  • Sticker sheets
  • 2 Heart shaped clips
  • Instruction and Meditation guide

Weekly Planner

  • Compact size: 5.5” X 8.5:
  • 200 undated pages
  • SWOT analysis
  • Monthly prayer focus
  • Monthly undated overview calendar with Monday start
  • Monthly self-reflection
  • Monthly budget tracker
  • Monthly notes section
  • Journal monthly and weekly prayer request
  • Weekly undated scheduler with Monday start
  • Weekly scripture
  • Personal, family, professional weekly goal

Wall Calendar

The 8.5 x 11 Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Wall Calendar provides you with monthly prayer focus and scripture and an area to write each month’s goal in order for you to activate your vision. The calendar is an extension to our Weekly Planner and can be placed anywhere you most frequent, such as in your home or office.

  • Monthly prayer focus
  • Monthly scripture
  • Monthly undated over calendar with Sunday start

Pocket Cards

The Plan, Pray, Prosper™ Pocket Cards includes our 52 week scripture cards, 31 day affirmation cards and 12 monthly prayer focus cards all designed to be carried in a purse or wallet to remind you to remain focused on your goals.

  • 31 days of affirmations
  • 52 weekly scripture
  • 12 monthly prayer focus

Sticker sheets

2 heart shaped clips

Instruction card with meditation guide