Plan, Pray, Prosper was created for the goal oriented women that want to remain spiritually grounded.

12-Month Undated Planner

An inspirational planner for faith-based entrepreneurs, moms, or students who is goal-oriented and want to remain spiritually grounded.  

The planner includes areas to set your goals for the month, maintain daily tasks, keep track of your budget and more. Spend time planning your personal, professional and family goals.

The Planner Kit

The planner kit is filled with tools to enable individuals to manifest their goals through the power of prayer and planning. Hang your wall calendar and take your monthly prayer focus, weekly scripture and affirmations with you where ever you go.

90 Day Prayer Journal

Our undated 90 day prayer journal is the perfect way to remain spiritually grounded and grow deeper with your relationship with the Lord.

Hi I’m Marsha, the designer and creator of Plan, Pray, Prosper.

As a Business Coach remaining organized and maintaining goals has always been my expertise. I’ve worked with clients to help them create and achieve goals. But something was missing from my day to day tasks and goals planning. As a single mom, full time employee and entrepreneur I found it difficult for me to consistently spend time with God every day.

With all the demands of my life I felt my relationship with God was gone and I knew I needed to get it back. Knowing that I was constantly looking and reading my planner, one day a light bulb went on. That’s why I designed the Plan, Pray, Prosper Planner and then ultimately the Kit. The planner kit allowed me to become spiritually grounded and maintain focus on my goals.